Saturday, August 27, 2016

Week 4 Review Week!

We decided that we would do 3 new letters and then stop and have a review week. On our review week, we did some book theme days and some days you just explored!

One day we did Brown Bear Brown Bear.

You colored your own Brown Bear, Brown Bear book to match for each animal.

You made a tissue paper collage bear.

We looked at animals that start with an A, B and C!

You made lots of things with your new Wiki Sticks this week. 

You are still working on your scissor skills- this week you cut aluminium foil. 

Each week we choose a new counting book to read. This week we read Bear Counts

You love your math book. We worked on "Different" this week - you found what was different in each set. 

You painted lots. You like to be the doctor and paint what is wrong. And then you diagnose the patient! 

We checked out this book on Yoga at the library. You love it!

You used some of our cookbooks to help you create in your kitchen. 

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