Friday, August 19, 2016

Week 3 The Letter C

We started using workboxes this week. You have 10 boxes. Every day I fill all 10 drawers - each with an activity.  You love opening the drawers and discovering what I have for you!

C is for Car - you made 4 cars to play with

Next, we made a track for your cars to ride on! You colored and drew a park, a toy store, and a house for the cars to stop at. 

C is for Cars - you rolled a die, and that told you how many bears were in each car!

You know all your colors but we still enjoy reading books about colors. You particularly liked this bear one this week where each page explored a different color the bear saw. 

We work on your name each week - this week we spelled Lyndie with crowns - C is for C

You like, pbs and Nick Jr website.


We sorted caterpillars this week - small, medium and large. 

 C is for Clouds - we read Eric Carle's The Little Cloud book.

We practiced the letter C on your chalkboard.

C is for Car - you put cars on your letter C.

 In Bible, we worked on Creation. You cut out pictures of birds and fish for your Bible journal. 

This week we started journaling. You draw a picture, then tell me the story about the picture. I record your story for you. 

You drew clouds with chalk.

 A, B, C books!

 We read "It looks like Spilt Milk" and you made your own cloud paintings.

 Number Matching

 Caterpillar graphing

 You made clouds with shaving cream.

 Number books - How do Dinosaurs Count to Ten?

 We played with castles this week - C is for Castle.

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