Saturday, August 13, 2016

Letter B Week

We begin each morning with calendar time. We are working on the days of the week, months of the year, the weather, your address and phone number. We also work on your Bible Verse. This week we worked on the one from church:

"Nothing can separate us from God's Love." Romans 8:29

We are studying creation this week. We used the Miss Pattycake song to help us remember what God created on each day.

We explored the letter B sandpaper letter.

In math we are working on same and different. 

We learned the B phonics sound song.

You sorted the capital B and lower case b's.

We talked "all about me" this week. You made your own Lyndie for your notebook.

You practiced your pre-writing, tracing the lines.

You reviewed the letter A and made the letter B out of play doh.

We got lots of B books at the library - your favorite one was an Anthony Browne book about bear. 

Checking the weather with Bubbe.

Working on the date with Sissy.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

You placed marshmallows on the capital B and lower case b. 

We looked at birds books. 

You made a bird collage on the letter B.

Your math workbook - drawing a line between the ones that are the same.

You found all the capital B's on your activity.

You spent lots of time painting and drawing this week!

You are so creative.

These are your new workboxes. You have one activity in each drawer. You love your school things. 

You made a tissue bear craft.

You used play doh and cookie cutters to work on counting. 

B is for bugs puzzle.

You colored all the big Bs and little bs you could find. 

We worked on the rectangle shape this week and built Mat Man with a rectangle. 

You looked at your animal encyclopedia and found all the animals that start with the letter B. 

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