Saturday, August 6, 2016

Week 1

This week we are working on Circle as our shape. You are learning to use your scissors. You cut shapes to glue on your paper plate circle. 

You love our morning board time! 

This week is the letter A - you had to find the capital A's and color them in. 

You counted the apple seeds on the apples and matched it with the right number.

We picked out several books at the Dollar Store. This week we did the "circles" page in your shape book. 

Yesterday, today and tomorrow practice

We sang "the A says ah, the A says ah, every letter makes a sound the A says "ah" and "ay"! 

In math we are working on same and different. You circled the items that were the same.

Each muffin tin has a different number in it. You counted out the number of flowers and put them in the muffin tin to match! 

We built the letter A with our hand writing without tears pieces.

You practiced tracing the capital A I wrote with your finger.

Then you erased the letter A using little sponges. 

You wanted to practice writing the letter A this week too! 

Fine motor skills - puzzles! 

Exploring circles by painting with toilet paper tubes.

Cindy Circle book - we sang the song.

You explored alphabet books this week.

And number books such as the little monkeys book.

In your animal encyclopedia, we looked up ants since A is for ants! 

You made ants on your letter A.

You love to play the pbs games app on the ipad. Daniel the Tiger is your favorite character. 

You explored with moon sand. 

You colored the lower case a's green and the uppercase A's red. 

We read animal books. We talked about where animals live.

We explored your favorite park. 

We went to the toddler time story time. 

 We celebrated the end of a great week of school with a trip to Bruster's for an ice cream cone. 

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