Saturday, November 12, 2016

Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site

 You built towers to match the number cards on the trucks. 

Construction puzzles

Creating a construction scene. 

Night sky scene from the book. 

Alphabet rock match

Doing "my work"

Wiggle game - some cards had letters and you found the matching letter cube, some cards had a picture of a worm and you "wiggled," some cards had butterfly pictures and you flew across the room!

 Pom Pom delivery - you drove the truck and sorted the pom poms based on color

We read the book several times during our unit! 

3 part matching cards - you matched the pictures and the words. 

You built towers using shaving cream and blocks. 

You washed the blocks!

Dump truck rock delivery - you delivered the rocks to their matching homes by letter! 

We filled a pan with gems (marbles with flat bottoms) and made jello to cover them.

We talked about "excavating." You used your dump truck and your scooper to excavate all the marbles!

Rock delivery - you delivered the letter rocks to their home.

We talked about balancing this week. You worked on matching both sides of your balance scale. 

You retold our story by putting each truck to "bed" in the same order as the story.

We reviewed the letter I by making it with blocks over a masking tape pattern. 

You read Fancy Nancy Cupcake book and wanted to make cupcakes. 

We reviewed the directions in the book - icing, sprinkles then candy! 

Week 11 - I is for Inchworm

You made inchworms and measured them with a ruler. 

You made a capital I out of your home made play dough. 

You glued pipe cleaner green inch worms onto the letter I. 

We reviewed the letter G and you stamped gorilla onto the capital G. 

You practice writing your name by building towers that spell your name. 

As it begins to look more like fall, we've been reading books about the seasons. You drew a picture of your favorite season in your journal. 

You glued a lowercase i onto a piece of paper. 

Using a fork and green paint, you made grass for your i inchworm to crawl through.