Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week 7 - The Letter F

Matching - top of the egg has a capital letter, bottom of the egg has the lower case letter

Matching colors

Step One of "F is for fish" - painting our fish yellow

Making an ocean place mat with "F is for fish" 

Fish puzzle

Lacing fish

Capital F and lowercase f

Giving each fish the number of bubbles it says on the fish! 

You love your computer center - Daniel the Tiger on PBS Kids games are your favorite

F is for Fire

We read several books about going camping that had campFires

Make your own campFire

Roasting marshmallows over your campFire

F is for Farm - matching the farm animals to the animals on your worksheet

Building a capital F 

F is for Frog - putting Frog stickers on your big F 

 Finding the F's and marking them

Finishing your Fish

F is for Farm

Farm puzzles

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