Saturday, November 12, 2016

Week 10 - H is for Halloween

H is for House - we made graham cracker houses. 

Pumpkin seed counting - you glued pumpkin seeds (popcorn kernels) onto the pumpkins. 

We made jack o lantern puppet sticks and learned to sing the song "5 Little Pumpkins" 

H is for House - we read The Cat in the Hat and painted the house from the book.

We made orange cloud dough to make pumpkins with. 

We read lots of different Halloween books. Your favorites are the silly monsters ones. 

You made your own monster.

We work on beginning sounds every week using different puzzle sets. 

This is an I Spy Halloween game. You had to find the matching cards. 

We checked out a book on patterns from the library. 

You made different patterns with your multi colored pom poms. 

You matched the letter tile with the puzzle card. 

 You love your Mat Man book. You made Mat Man this week with the circle shape.

You are very interested in camp outs. We put your tent in the back yard, and had a campfire so you could experience camping. You loved roasting marshmallows but you don't like eating them! 

H is for house.

One of your favorite halloween books was a  My Little Pony book. You did a connect the dot of the moon and stars to go with the book.

You love the Charlie Brown movie. We read the book as well, The Great Pumpkin. You enjoyed retelling the story. 

We did "Mr. Potato Head" with your pumpkin. You liked giving your pumpkin silly faces. 

You painted your pumpkin. 

You dressed up lots of different times. We made a Daniel the Tiger mask. 

We sorted ghosts into small, medium and large. 

You worked up sorting capital H and lower case h. 

You enjoyed making pumpkin stamps. 

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