Friday, September 16, 2016

Week 6 - Letter E

 E is for Egg

You matched upper case and lower case letter egg halves. 

This week we created a few games that let you practice all the letters you've learned. This game you matched the letter tiles with the picture card. 

Math this week is counting numbers 1 to 5. 

You love books about animals - E is for Elephant! 

Building the letter E with our wooden pieces

Mat Man - you wanted to do the Oval shape this week.

E is for Eggs- Green Eggs and Ham.

Roll the die and color the Green Eggs and Ham sheet based on what you roll. You love to roll the die! 

Stamping animals into Noah's ark.

The geoboard is one of your favorite things to explore.

Letter E with play doh.

E is for elephant play doh fun

Sorting upper case and lower case E's. 

Pre-writing practice - tracing the lines

Finding the E's - you love to ask me how many E's there are to find and you count as you go! 

Beginning sound practice - we say the word and you guess what letter it starts with. 

Beginning sound puzzles

Week 5- The Letter D

This week we studied Adam and Eve and the garden. 

We write in your journal every day. You draw a picture and then I write your story down for you. 

We read "Doggies" by Sandra Boynton.

You painted different dogs.

You stamped doggie paw prints on the letter D. 

  Playing in our home made moon sand is one of your favorite things to do! 

You love your math book - you always ask to do several pages at one time. 

Working on your days of the week. Today, yesterday and tomorrow. 

 Journal entry about dinosaurs. 

We read several dinosaur books this week - you love the "How do Dinosaurs" series ones. 

You created a dinosaur using dinosaur puzzle pieces. 

You created patterns with pom poms for the letter D. 

We made a dentist paper doll. 

 We started the story of Noah's Ark. 

 You drew a rainbow in you journal. 

 You painted dots on the letter D. 

 You created a dinosaur number line - from 1 to 10! 

 You sorted capital D's and lower case d's. 

You worked on counting dinosaurs and matching them with the correct number card.