Monday, August 1, 2016

Peanut's First Day of Pre-school!

You woke up so excited today - "Mama it's my first day of playschool!"

Somehow, when I say "preschool" you hear "playschool!"

We started our day with our Bible verse - "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" Genesis 1:1. 

We are working on learning the pledge - this week we are starting with "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America."

You love to use your pointer- you pointed to each word in the bible verse today.

We sang our "Days of the Week" song and did the Macarena for the Months of the Year. You loved the months of the year dance!

This week we are studying the letter A. You used your pointer to trace the letter A. We also are talking about the number Zero this week. There are zero apples on the tree. 

For Bible today, we read the story of creation from your Bible.

We started a Bible journal today. You glued in a yellow circle (we are studying the circle this week). The, you drew rays for the sun. We repeated the Bible verse - "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth."

We worked on pre-writing skills today. First we traced from the caterpillar to the apple with our finger. Then, you used a dry erase marker to trace the dotted trail.

One of our objectives this year is for you to learn the terms yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We made a calendar and worked on the days of the week. 

This week we are working on recognizing the capital A and the lowercase a. You matched the capital A apples and the lowercase a apples on the apple tree. 

You placed red counter "apples" on the tree to match the number of apples it said.

Today we did a pre-assessment to see how many colors, numbers, upper and lower case letters you can recognize. I wrote the letter, you named it and tried to write it on your own. 
You knew all your colors.

You recognized 5 of the 7 shapes - you called the hexagon an octagon, and the rhombus a square.

You knew 19 of the 26 uppercase letters.

You knew 14 of the 28 lowercase letters.

You knew 10 of the 11 numbers - you called the zero a letter "O."

You can count to 14 without a mistake, and you counted to 20 skipping just the number 15. 

You know your name starts with the letter L and you can write an L. 

You love your new math book! Today's lesson was on "same." We talked about two things that are the same, versus two things that are different. 

On your workbook page today, you colored the pictures that were the same. 

We worked with a sandpaper letter A today. You liked how it was "scratchy."

We pulled out an A, B, C book today and looked for capital and lower case letter A's. 

 We are studying the circle this week so we made Mat Man with the circle cut out. 


Your days still have plenty of time for Princess dress up and play. Today, Sissy taught you a dance called the Church Clap!

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